Tuesday, July 7, 2009

JustABuck? You BetCha!

I like to search out, test, and report on sites where we can all make just a bit of extra cash or score some gift cards in these trying times. That is actually one of the main reasons I decided to start a blog. Then I got side tracked by other things going on (like life-lol). It probably would have been a most excellent idea to start this on a cold snowy day, but, oh well, it is July 2009 & here I am!
So I think the first site I am going to talk about is JustABuck (sharedwealth.org) I just recently joined this program for (YES) just-a-buck..what have I go to lose? So I just don't buy a lottery ticket that week. Here is the info from their site:

At Just A Buck you can make $96,079.90 just by referring 7 people!

How would you like to turn $1 into $96,079.90? No, this isn't some kind of game of chance. In fact, you can actually make up to a total of $96,079.90 for a lifetime membership fee of Just A Buck-that's right, just $1 -with nothing else to pay ever! Let's face it, we have -at one time or another- spent a dollar on the Lotto or a scratch-off ticket just for the chance to win big money, why not spend Just A Buck to take advantage of the opportunity to turn it into $96,079.90! You can make up to $96,079.90!!! We created the Just A Buck Program for those of you that are either skeptical or just plain broke could try your hand at an internet business that is easy to run all for Just A Buck! Then, once you see how easy it is to make money in this program with only $1, you can proceed with confidence to create a monthly residual income with the any one or our other programs.

I think I am off to a pretty good start, I got my 7 people in about 2 weeks and one of them has now gotten a couple of referrals.
Just-A-Buck...why not?
If you would like to try it:


You sign up under me and then just get 7 people to sign up under YOU..and since it is Just-A-Buck, that part is easy!

Just A Buck

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