Monday, April 19, 2010

Fitness Program Entry #2

Monday, April 19th, 9:00 a.m. I met Heather for the 1st time, she is going to be my personal cheerleader, I mean This first visit is an evaluation and then she will "work me up" a plan. First of all, she took measurements and figured my body fat to be 30.5. Did not weigh me though. While taking my measurements, we visited a bit about my goals and what I want/expect to get out of the program. She will retake my measurements at the end of 8 weeks. Next I did a step evaluation. Step up on the platform and then back down for 3 min, then she checked my heart rate. It was not too difficult and I believe she said my heart rate was 106. Then I did push ups. Heather showed me the proper way to do regular pushups and also modified ones. I managed 7 regular pushups, which I thought was pretty awesome because if you had asked me how many I could do, I would have said "maybe 2". Crunches were next, I think I did 15 and then she told me to stop, again she first showed me the proper way to do them. Here come the hand weights..12 pounders! Yikes! (My ones at home are only 5 lbs.) After doing some curls with those and a couple of other exercises that I can't remember the name of, she went and got the 15 lb weights! You have GOT to be kidding me!?! I did manage to do 3 reps with them. Heather then told me that when I start working with hand weights, she will start me off at 8 lbs. "WHEW!" She said I didn't do too bad. I am fairly flexible (thank you Yoga DVD). Now I have a beginning point. Mon-Wed-Fri=weight training Tues & Thurs=cardio So 5 days a week to get me going and then when I am "in the groove" I might drop down to 3 days a week out there and do more on my own at home the other days. SO TOMORROW THE REAL WORK BEGINS Thanks for sharing my journey...

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