Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fitness Program Entry #7

Wow, I have not written anything in a month! Time flies and all the jazz...

The last month has been purely frustrating for me. My body does not like this whole working out thing. I have been a pretty regular patient at the chiropractors office. I have taken the last 2 weeks easy. No strenuous workouts. My left hip is giving me a lot of pain. It got to the point that I could hardly use it to walk. It sucks to get old!

The adult fitness program that I joined started a new fun thing: A biggest loser type of challenge with a pound for pound bonus thrown in. I joined. Cost-$10 with half of that going toward the prize fund and the other half will be used to purchase healthy food to donate to our local food pantry. I was so pumped about it! BUT..we are 2 weeks into it (remember those 2 weeks I have not been able to do my workouts?) Ya, well I weighed in today and I gained 1.2 lbs *sigh*. This means I have to take a healthy food item in as a penalty when I go tomorrow.

BUT...the GOOD news is, I did a full cardio workout today and I feel pretty darn good! 22 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer & 30 minutes on the treadmill. The big challenge will be getting out of bed in the morning..I hope the pain is not too bad. Hopefully I am back on track to workout 6 days a week and will see a (minus) next time I weigh in!

I also brought home a brochure today about a Boot Camp they are doing. It looks awesome, 6 weeks/2 days a week/work your butt off for 45 minutes. With each week getting more intense. I am not signing up...why? I will be a work for one of the sessions each week & also I have been having so much hip trouble that I think I will concentrate on just getting a fitness routine down pat for now. Heather is hoping to do another Boot Camp later on..Fall would be nice..I am thinking if I show the brochure to my boss, we might be able to work something out for those 6 weeks. But for now, not worrying about it, I do not think I am ready yet, but will be a good goal to work towards.

So here I am, I really feel like I am starting from scratch, but that is ok. As long as I have not thrown in the towel...

Thanks for following my journey...

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